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Mistress Imperia's slave's contract




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chastity device A little more than two weeks ago I asked Mistress Imperia if She considered me worthy of serving Her as chastity slave and this evening I shall enter a contract of chastity. Mistress had agreed in principle and had instructed me to purchase a device and draw up a contract for Her approval. Mistress has locked me in the device for the last seven days after my last session whilst I prepared the contracts. Tonight's session would celebrate the signing of the contracts.

I had prepared a seven-page leather bound document on parchment and Mistress reminded me of the traditional champagne associated with the signing of contracts by text on my way to Salon Kitty's. The terms and conditions of the contract are extensive and as such contain strict penalties including discipline, genital torture, orgasm denial and extension to the term of the contract. I am to wear the device at all times that I am not under Mistress's direct supervision. If I need to be removed for medical appointments or to have my lock changed to a travel friendly plastic coded lock penalty strokes may be incurred and for every day I am unlocked a penalty of 24 strokes is incurred. The contract will be a period of six months and for that period of time my cock and balls are sole property of Mistress Imperia as the key holder. She shall control when and if I am permitted to cum and as if design rather than by accident of impatience when ordering my chastity device I only had the choice of black and thus vision is added to the growing list of restrictions. Denied all access. Over the last week I have been adjusting to life under 24 hour lock and key, because of the curve in design and the confined area erections are difficult, very painful and taking long periods to subside. I definitely sit down to pee from now on.

No cold feet but lots more pre session butterflies than usual as Georgie met me at the door. I awaited Mistress Imperia in the customary slave's position, on my knees, nose to the floor, palms upturned. After a few minutes She entered ordering me to stand and present my chastity device for inspection, unlocking it and She ordered me to shower and wait for Her in the main dungeon.

Mistress signs slave signs Being able to wash my cock and balls freely for the first time in a week was enjoyable though well within acceptable limits. The upside of sensory deprivation, delayed gratification and cleaning whilst wearing the device and drying with cotton buds. Drying myself quickly I proceeded to the dungeon where the two contracts, pens and an ice bucket and champagne on a silver tray holding three glasses were already placed on the rack. I opened the champagne and poured as instructed prior and awaited Mistress once more on my knees. My heart pounded in anticipation of the ritual to follow. Mistress Imperia entered the room followed by Georgie who had come to witness the signing as well as double as official photographer. Mistress commanded me to rise to my knees whilst She placed my new collar around my neck. I swell with pride. I am permitted to stand and watch as Mistress signs both copies before nervously stepping forward to offer my slave's signature. As I sign my cock and balls away I realize that I am not wearing the device. The signing completed is then toasted and Ingrid leaves the dungeon to allow Mistress Imperia to continue with the celebrations.

Mistress bid me worship Her feet whilst she finished Her glass of champagne. I dutifully licked and kissed Her heels before carefully removing Her shoes & stockings and worshipping her beautiful bare feet. "Thank you, slave. Now stand in front of the rack. I am going to discipline you. Tonight I shall cane you." slave is caned I had not been disciplined by Mistress in our previous sessions and as yet was not in breach of contract but with disciplinary measures provided for there was no better time to remind me of what was at stake now and what I may have in store for me in the future. Fifty strokes were set: I was chained and stretched out face down on the rack with additional leather straps binding me tightly. Mistress first warmed me with a firm hand before moving on to a strap. When She was pleased with heat and colour of my backside She selected a cane and instructed me to count each stroke and thank Her and that they would come in groups of 10. Although firmly bound I lifted my backside in presentation for each stroke even though several blows caused me to breathe a little deeper as they stung my flesh. Mistress then decided that the time had come to torture Her new toy a little. This time I was to lie face up on the rack my arms secured by my side in sleeves in an open front leather restraint secured to the rack with red rope. She then placed a gas mask over my face and secured my head to the rack also. slave stretched on rack The facemask misted as my breath changed in excitement. Mistress applied pegs to my cock and balls before She commenced piercing my cock up along the shaft. "A little bit of electro, slave?" My bound and restrained body tensed with the cycle of the TENS. Needles removed I was untied and allowed to stand long enough to be ushered toward the sling. I lifted myself into the sling at Mistress's command. My legs lifted high, ankles cuffed and chained above me likewise my wrists behind me. I could see Mistress Imperia in the mirror above me as She lubed my ass with Her gloved hand sliding a finger then another inside me until Her hand was inside me the other hand massaging my balls. Mistress released my right hand from chains and ordered me to masturbate whilst She continued with Her hand inside me. Desperately close I thought it best to ask before I was in breach for unauthorized ejaculation. "May I cum, Mistress?"... "Yes, slave"

"It will be a long time until your next" Mistress reminded me.

Mistess approves Once again I was ordered to shower and return to the dungeon promptly to be locked up once more. After only a couple of hours of freedom my cock at first seemed hesitant about returning to the confinement of the chastity device but after several attempts the errant erection was subdued sufficiently to enable the device to be fitted and locked. The sound of the lock closing was magical. As Mistress escorted me to the door She handed me the stockings worn by Her during the session instructing me to wear them to bed that night as well as my slave's collar. That no doubt will be plenty of food for thought as I try to sleep tonight. As will the terms I have agreed to listed below


The Mistress will exercise endless and constant (24/7) control of the slave in the following aspects:
  • A. The slave submits ownership of his genitalia to the Mistress as Her property. Any actions, including but not limited to fondling, touching, and stimulating, must be approved by the Mistress.
  • B. The Mistress will control, limit, and veto the emissions of the slave's penis, based on variables such as infractions of the terms of the agreement, convenience, and whim.
  • C. The slave submits to wearing a locking chastity device of the Mistress's choice. The slave agrees to submit to examination and prove the consistent use of the device at any time the Mistress deems it necessary.
  • D. The key to the chastity device will be dutifully maintained by the Mistress as a precious source of control over the slave. The Mistress retains the right to deem a situation an excusable emergency or unauthorized liberty. Unauthorized liberties will be punished as the Mistress sees fit.
  • E. Requests to remove the chastity device for a doctor's appointment or other foreseeable event where the device might not be worn must be submitted to the Mistress in writing 1 week in advance. Requests to remove the chastity device for hygiene or maintenance must be submitted to the Mistress in writing at least 1 day in advance. Failure to meet these requirements will meet with punishment. A penalty of 24 strokes for every day the slave is not secured either for medical emergency or under plastic locks due to air travel.
  • F. The chastity device may be removed at any time and for any reason that the Mistress wishes.
  • G. The slave does not have authority to remove the chastity device without express permission and any such unauthorized removal will be termed theft of the Mistress's property.
  • H. The slave will not access any adult material or pornography in any form, nor may he request such access. The Mistress will control or staunch the slave's flow of adult material and pornography.
  • I. The Mistress is allowed access to the slave's sexual stimulation as She sees fit. This includes but is not limited to the use of vibrators, insertable adult toys and devices, and sensual stimulation such as massage or pain play.
  • J. The slave must report all unauthorized orgasms to the Mistress as quickly as possible. If the slave experiences an uncontrollable, unauthorized orgasm during the chastity period (i.e. a wet dreams), the slave must report the incident to the Mistress.
  • K. The Mistress agrees to notify the slave if She will be unavailable for an extended period of time and to take appropriate actions to ensuring that he is still properly controlled and cared for.
  • L. The slave shall keep a diary for the period of the agreement. He shall accurately log unauthorized orgasms and frequency of erections whilst honestly reflecting on his chastity. Failure to keep an up to date diary will be punished. Under terms of property, this diary is owned by the Mistress and may be used in any way deemed appropriate, by Her. This includes the circulation, publication or broadcast in part or full. Similarly all photographs taken either by the Mistress or slave of the device or practices relating to the device remain the sole property of the Mistress.
  • M. The Mistress agrees to not use the slave's full name in association with any materials either written or photographic without written prior consent.
  • N. Both the Mistress and the slave retain the right to request an amendment to the agreement at any time; both parties must approve such an amendment.

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