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Toilet Training




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A popular fantasy for many of our clients is to be used by the receptionists and Mistresses as a human toilet for a few hours or for the day.

This means whenever a lady needs to urinate or defecate the slave is at her disposal.

At Salon Kitty's there are various methods and positions in which this practice is carried out. Slaves who need extra encouragement or slaves who are to be punished are often placed in a device which is deservedly named 'the torture toilet'. This piece enables us to secure the slaves head, as in a guillotine arrangement. The Mistress can then be seated in comfort in an excellent position to aim her wastes squarely on the face and mouth of her slave. There is absolutely no escape, the slave is unable to avoid his/her fate.

Another popular venue is to be placed in one of our bathrooms in the spa bath. The slave is made to lay there for a period of time while each Mistress uses him/her as her toilet. As this is a large area one or two Mistresses can use a slave simultaneously.

Yet another option is to be placed in our wading pool in the outdoor courtyard. The Mistresses have a bar-b-q and relaxation area and appreciate the convenience of an outside toilet.

Slow learners or greedy toilet slaves are given special treatment. A device which is fastened behind the ears secures the tube in place inside the slaves mouth. A funnel like device is then used by the Mistress. As she pees into the funnel she can view and control the speed and flow of her urine down the long tube and into the slaves mouth and throat.

Each fantasy room in Salon Kitty's contains a large black vinyl mat. These are commonly used for spontaneous showers in conjunction with the other methods already mentioned.

The Toilet Session

The session I am now going to relate to you is one which is often realized at Salon Kitty's. This particular day we were expecting two toilet slaves, David and Alan . Both had requested to be used over a period of time.

Each day there are at least five to six Mistresses and a receptionist on shift. This particular day a few of the Mistresses who were not on the roster for the day were in the house to take part in a photo shoot for our web site. Mistresses often drop in when they are not on roster to check for email, pending personal appointments, or just to make a social visit to say hello to their friends. There were at my last count eight Mistresses and one receptionist on the premises. Amongst all those women you could guarantee a few trips to the toilet.

Violet, a pretty blonde receptionist, had never given a golden shower before and had mentioned when hearing toilet slaves were going to be visiting that she would love to give her first shower.

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